5 Colors To Paint An Office In 2023

Choosing colors to paint an office can be a problem, and choosing the wrong color will affect not only first impressions, but overall business productivity as well. 

Colors undoubtedly arouse feelings and constitute a fundamental component for emotions.

What Are The Most Recommended Colors To Paint An Office?

It is essential to be surrounded by a favorable environment, so we must consider them for the purposes of creating the best possible work environment. We have some suggestions to help us get started.

Color Influences Productivity

It is not enough to choose the appropriate color. Different colors stimulate different people. That is why we must consider the type of task that is carried out in the office.

Then you can choose the best color or color combination:

Color Azul

This is the universal color to increase productivity. It inspires feelings of calm and helps people focus on the task at hand.

Green Color

Do employees work long hours in the office? In that case, consider painting the walls green. This color is less likely to cause eye fatigue.

Yellow Color

If we have creative teams or those who need to be inspired, we will use the color yellow in the decoration. It brings uplifting qualities and helps people to be more creative.

Red Color

Do our workers need to be physically active? In that case, let’s paint the walls red! The color red naturally increases the pulse and blood flow of people. Furthermore, it can provoke feelings of excitement and passion.

However, you have to know that the color red can be excessively intense for some people. Hence, some restaurants decide to use it. What they want is for you to go, consume and move.


This shade of orange reduces exhaustion and increases optimism. It is a color whose meaning is proximity, so it helps to relate to other people in a convergent way.

It is perfect for a reception hall or spaces for rest and rest, for example, offices and dining rooms. Especially in those spaces where communication is easier and improvised.

Intensity Matters When Painting An Office

Once you choose the color you want, you need to think about how intense you want the color to be. A bright color will be more stimulating. While a softer version of that color will be more relaxing.

Offices opt to paint with lighter shades of blue and green. These colors can be calming but still bright and attractive for your office space.

It is also easier to decorate the rest of the office. Using a dark shade of blue or green will make it more conspicuous and might be too intense for some workers.

Colors To Paint An Office And Differentiate Spaces

There is no color in a vacuum. So choose a color scheme that works well together. Use the different colors in different areas of the office to inspire different energies.

We can also use the different colors to indicate different areas within the office.


This is the first meeting point for everyone who comes to our office. We want to create a good impression, right? If the reception area also includes a waiting area, a calming color will be a good choice, peach or even a soft yellow tone.

If decisions need to be made in your reception area, choose a shade of blue or green, this will help people make difficult decisions.

Training, Conference And Meeting Rooms

A teal or turquoise is the best color for the rooms of this type of event s. A blue and green tone, so it’s a bit relaxing. It is also a color that inspires creativity and communication.

This makes it the perfect hue for rooms where you want people to collaborate, communicate, and be creative. It will also serve to calm the speaker during his presentation.

General Office Areas

What do you want the energy to be in the general areas of the office? So go with blues or greens. If we want it to be bright and cheery, a soft yellow is a smart choice.

Choosing a red to wear throughout the office can be too intense, making workers stressed or angry more easily.

Paint An Office With Corporate Colors

For many businesses, it’s important to stay on brand and communicate your brand message. If this is important, consider painting your office in your brand colors.

However, you may want to think about the impact your colors will have on your workers. So maybe you should stick with neutral colors for most of the walls, let’s use the brand colors as they could be accents or spots.

Antibacterial Paint

When we choose the type of paint, we always look for it to be hygienic and free of bacteria. Antibacterial paint is used for different surfaces, both as walls and ceilings, with different shades.

There are paints that release substances as they dry. This release of chemicals causes headaches and dizziness.

Not Be Extreme

While it’s great to want to influence workers by wearing a particular color, let’s do it in a reasonable way. We don’t want to commit to one color and then use it on everything.

Imagine that we opted for yellow. If we put yellow tones on the floor, on the walls, on the tables as well as on the furniture, we will be able to saturate people.

It will be difficult for anyone to work in this space for an extended period of time.

So how do you use a color without going overboard? Combine your bold color with neutrals. As yellow looks great with gray.

Like a bright sunny yellow and a charcoal gray look beautiful together. Or shades of blue can look beautiful with shades of tan to brown.

Colors And Needs

The needs of offices depend to a large extent on the activity that is carried out in them. It is not the same in places where the work is highly automated and which gives few wings to the creativity of the workers. For these functions, spaces that help concentration, calm and soft colors are required. These spaces will compartmentalize highly functional work areas, with few distractions. So much so that jobs will not be located near windows facing the street.

Workplaces For Creatives

Workplaces where creativity is required, contrary to what we said before, may have “distractions” in their decoration. The white that increases the feeling of available space. That it is a color that gives tranquility and calm, a cozy atmosphere to create. But at the same time the wooden floor, the gray doors and the colorful decoration and even reminding leisure. Leave the doors open to the imagination.

Reasons To Think About Colors Before Choosing Them

When you want to change the appearance of the office you should think about the effect this will have. The decision you make will directly influence your employees. It will also cause a reaction from customers, and it will say a lot about you. What are some of the effects?

  • In the employees. When changing the paint in the office, employees will feel good or not. We cannot deny that some colors can create a tense or heavy atmosphere. On the contrary, others can cause a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Thus, you should consider which ones will favor their performance.

  • In customers. When clients visit your office, the first thing they notice is the appearance. When the colors are not welcoming, warm or attractive, you will not attract. You have to remember that this is the welcome you will be giving them. Thus, when choosing, you cannot stop thinking about such important people.

Evaluate The Objective That Your Company Pursues

When you want to create the best atmosphere in the office, it is convenient to ask yourself the following approaches:

  • Know the space to identify the size available. This is key to establishing the style that will mark the offices.

  • It is important to confirm what activities are going to be carried out in these offices. We have considered that some colors will allow you to enhance skills. In other cases, they will favor tranquility. Therefore, it is necessary to identify it.

  • Also, you can think about the number of people who will use these spaces. If it is just one person or they are work teams.

Create Your Own StyleWhen you are going to prepare your office it is important that you reflect your personal style. This means that your company must reflect what it really is. To define what you want to do, start by organizing the type of feelings you want to show. For example, passion and energy have a way of expressing themselves. In the same way, calm and tranquility have their colors.

Combine Colors With Light

If something should not be overlooked, it is the combination of colors with light. To achieve this, it is good to identify what type of light bulbs you are going to use. When these have a lot of light, you need to adjust the color. If these have little light, you will also see how a lighter color manages to enhance it.

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