"Bookkeeping and Accounting doesn't need to be complicated or painful."  

Our Policies

At the office we strive to provide quality services to our clients, therefore the following policies, or guidelines, are established to understand the expectations of the services provided by us to our clients.

  1. In order to complete the tasks of bookkeeping, accounting, or income tax returns preparation it is the client's responsibility to provide the office with enough and accurate documented information.
  2. The information received from clients will be held in strict confidence; therefore if part of the information need to be released to a third party, a written consent is necessary to proceed with its release.
  3. No minimum charge of hours will be added to the client's time-control, however our staff will monitor the time spent on any specific task from the time of accessing the client's account until it is finished.
  4. For a large or complicated job a deposit of 75% of the estimated total fees is required before the starting date.
  5. For all other projects and jobs the payment terms for the fees charged is DUE UPON RECEIPT and it will be marked accordingly in our invoicing.
  6. It is important not to miss an appointment made. We will reserve the time scheduled for your visit, therefore if you miss a scheduled appointment 1 hour of services will be billed.
  7. The paperwork and other supporting documents that were used to process the client's books will be returned to the client for safekeeping. Our office will keep only the paper trial of the transactions, stored in a binder, until the year end. We will keep the information for the current year and for the previous year until the CRA submits the Notice of Assessment.
  8. For the preparation of personal income tax returns, all supporting documents will be returned to the client. Our office only keeps a summary of the income tax returns and consent forms signed by our clients.
  9. For income tax returns, both business and personal, there is an understanding that we are not acting as auditors but as tax-preparers only, and our services will not be taken as an expression of evaluation or as a tool to prevent fraud or error.
  10. Although the so called "tax season" ends by April 30th. our office reserves the right to not compromising on filing income tax returns on time if the tax files are received from the clients after April 15th. However, if the taxpayer (the client) presumes that his/her income tax return will end with a tax refund balance, our office will accept the tax file for preparation and work on it after April 30th.