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Income tax preparation

Income Tax Preparation

"We do Income Tax all year round!"

Income Tax preparation is another area of the services provided by the office.

Need a personal income tax return to be prepared in September?
You are just one phone call away from us.



Does your corporation income tax need to be filed in November?
Call for an appointment at any time.



We walk "the extra mile" with you to assure on-time review and filing

  • Haven't you file personal income tax returns for awhile?

  • Do you need to file corporation income tax returns from previous years?

  • We certainly can assist you with this task!


Featured Testimonials

Hi Luis, ... You Rock!!!! Thank you for being so awesome to work with! prompt, organized, ALWAYS helpful and just great at what you do! ...See you next year...


Jennifer Steele, Jenn Steele Photography


Good morning. My brother-in-law had you do his taxes last year and was thoroughly impress, and I want to inquire if you could do ours this year? ...


Jay S., Victoria, BC