"Bookkeeping and Accounting doesn't need to be complicated or painful."  

Words of encouragement from our clients

We always appreciate the words of gratitude and encouragement from our clients because they make us be proud of the services we provide. Here are some examples of our clients' recognition:

Luis, over the last 5 years of personal and business dealings with The Office, I am so pleased with you and your team as being the most professional and thorough I have ever dealt with. I very much appreciate your attention to detail, quick response-time, conscentiousness, courtesy, and sensitivity to costs through your bookkeeping and accounting services. Thank you ... Michael Nyikes

Little Vienna Bakery, Sooke BC

Hi Luis, Thanks again for everything.    I am so happy that I am one of your clients!   Have a great evening.

Janna Lantz, Graphic Designer

Hello Luis ... You and the office ladies have made our world much easier. We really appreciate the extra effort.

Tracy Jones, ReMarkable ReDesign & Staging Inc.

Hi Luis, ... You Rock!!!! Thank you for being so awesome to work with! prompt, organized, ALWAYS helpful and just great at what you do! ...See you next year...

Jennifer Steele, Jenn Steele Photography (Client for income tax returns)

Dear Luis:
I really appriciate the fine working that you and your staff do in preparing our financial statements!

Rosemarie Colterman, Realtor

Hi Luis: ...We have appreciated your knowledge and advice, as well as your generosity and encouragement over the last four years. You will never know the impact you have made on me. Many thanks, Shari

Shari McCreesh, S&T Sprouts

Good morning. My brother-in-law had you do his taxes last year and was thoroughly impress, and I want to inquire if you could do ours this year? ...

Jay S., Victoria, BC

Luis, ...Thank you so much for doing a great job on my accounting & bookkeeping. I truly appreciate how much you care about my business. You've saved me so much money this year that I"m thilled to refer you. Thx

Deidra Junghans, Real Estate Agent for DFH Realty

...Still a last obstacle before the claim from the flooding we had in August 2010, I was told by the adjuster of the insurance company to have an analysis made by an Accountant for the loss of income. I was wondering how on earth can you calculate that? How do you know how many people did not make the call to set an appointment for treatment? Of course I thoght about Luis Ambriz from "The Office" and asked him to work on that. All the required information was given to make the analysis, and within 3 days Luis called me that he has finished the report. When I came to pick it up I was blown away and impressed with the result and the way he figure out the loss of revenue, and happy too ... Luis, you did a terrific job, I certainly will recommend you to other people.

Herma Wigny, Phelps Physiotherapy

...Also, please, pass to Luis, that one of my regular customers is your office customer as well. He was in today and during the conversation we discovered that we have the same accountant. He gave your office a very good comments and has been impressed with your work for many years now.

Nadia Graham, COBS Bakery, Millstream Plaza, Victoria, BC

Dear Luis, I have been around in the world of bookkeeping a long time, and I know "gold" when I see it. You made me appear very knowledgeable. Your information was accurate, articulate, and timely. ...Thank you so very much.

Madeline Libbey, independent bookkeeper