"Bookkeeping and Accounting doesn't need to be complicated or painful."  

bookkeeping services with the Office Victoria

Bookkeeping Services

"Bookkeeping doesn't need to be complicated or painful"

the office provides personalized bookkeeping services for small to medium-size businesses taking care of those "need-to-be-done" tasks to record your business's financial activity.

  • Bookkeeping ranging from monthly or quarterly to annual

  • Payroll processing and preparation of the monthly remittances to the CRA

  • Assistance with CRA and WCB registrations

  • GST/HST management and preparation of CRA returns

  • WCB calculations

  • Monthly Financial Statements

Our bookkeeping staff has been highly trained and they are passionate about the bookkeeping process of every client's business.

No need for worry... just leave your papers at the office!


Featured Testimonials

Luis, ... Thank you so much for doing a great job on my accounting & bookkeeping. I truly appreciate how much you care about my business. You've saved me so much money this year that I"m thilled to refer you. Thx.

Deidra Junghans, Real Estate Agent for DFH Realty


Dear Luis, I have been around in the world of bookkeeping a long time, and I know "gold" when I see it. You made me appear very knowledgeable. Your information was accurate, articulate, and timely ... Thank you so very much.

Madeline Libbey, Independent Bookkeeper